How to Use Your Page Anchor

Without damaging your book

Avoid Page Damage

Avoiding page damage is simply a matter of avoiding pressure.

Your Page Anchor should feel loose when sliding it in your book. This is accomplished by gently flattening the book, and putting just a few (10 -15) pages between the pins and the anchor.

The more pages between the anchor and the pins, the more pressure there will be, and the more likely page damage can occur.

Simply flatten the book slightly to remove pressure when removing the anchor.

Prevent Spine Damage

Just like with the pages, as long as you avoid pressure, then Page Anchors will not damage your book spine. The more pages you put between the pins and the anchor, the more likely you are to damage the spine.

Turning Pages

Simply slide up the Page Anchor just far out enough to change the page. Slide back down to hold pages flat again.

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