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Weiging a full 16 oz. and made with Page Anchor's high quality standards, our Thinker's Notebook features 160 pages of ultra-thick 150gsm dot grid pages—the ultimate hybrid between horizontal lines and a solid grid layout. It also features 12 pages with our Monthly Reflection layout, allowing you to solidify your biggest goals or simply keep in touch with your thoughts and feelings on a weekly or monthly basis.

160x light ivory dot grid pages. Perfect for both illustrations and writing.

Premium 150gsm FSC approved paper. No more ink bleeding through to the next page.

2 penholders and 2 ribbon bookmarks.

2x dedicated pages for indexing & 2x customizable introductory pages.

Notebook, bullet journal & goal-planner. All in one.

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"Hits all the check boxes.

The perfect notebook is hard to come by, mostly because everyone has different preferences. This is the only notebook that checks off all the things that I look for in a notebook

This is simply a great notebook and beats out the big players in the notebook space. It's been sold out for months now and I can't wait for them to come back in stock so I can buy a year's supply." - Gerrek

A journal page displaying monthly reflections and goals, including tasks like start journaling and reduce screen time.
A leather notebook titled 'The Thinker's Notebook' placed inside a black box with an anchor logo.

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"Having read the Bullet Journal method, these notebooks have a well designed space for Monthly reflections, and have enough pages to cover a few months' work of notes at my rate."

Heather CB.

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"Page Anchor is such a stellar company! The quality and pure craftsmanship of the Anchor and now the Thinkers Notebook never ceases to amaze! I cannot not express enough how much I love this company and their products!"

Nicole M.

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"The Thinker’s Notebook is well made and excellent for journaling. The high quality and weight of the pages allow the use of fountain pens without annoying bleed through."

Paula M.

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Notebook, bullet journal & goal-planner. All in one.  

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