7 Best Minimalist Desk Accessories

7 Best Minimalist Desk Accessories

What do most productive people have in common?

They never let their desks get cluttered, according to a conducted at Princeton University.

Regardless of whether or not this study convinced you to clear up your desk, you have to admit that there are few things as satisfying as a perfectly neat office space. 

To help you unclutter your desk, we've picked 7 minimal and unique desk accessories you need in your life. First up, a book rest to host your current read.

1. Book Rest Lamp

Book Rest Lamp on Amazon

Aside from giving you that comfortable, warm light when you're reading, it also doubles as a book rest when you're not. Functionality at its best.

Book Rest Lamp, $49, Amazon

2. Page Anchor - 100% hands-free reading

We consider Page Anchor to be a perfect minimalist desk accessory. It easily slides into your book to prevent the pages from closing during handsfree reading, meaning it is essential for textbooks or anything else you would want to read while at your desk. All our products are polished by hand and plated in premium metals. Available in two colors, Winter Platinum and Signature Gold

Page Anchor, €45, Page Anchor

3. Gather - modular organizer

Gather - Modular Desk Organizer

A Minimal and modular organizer that helps you cut through the clutter. Choose the pieces you need and gather all your essentials into one place.

Gather, $109, Indiegogo

4. Pouch Pals Cord Case

Pouch Pals - Cable/Cord Organizer

Tangled headphone cords is not a delight to the eye. Made from vegetably tanned eco leather from Italy, Pouch Pals is here to save you with their selection of 14 beautiful cord cases. 

Pouch Pals, €15-20, Pouch Pals

5. Fred THE END Dramatic Bookends

Fred The End Dramatic Bookends

A messy stack of books is nothing for a minimalist desk. This steel bookend keeps your books standing while giving your space a unique look.

Fred THE END Dramatic Bookends, $18, Amazon

6. Bosign Hideaway - Cable Organizer

Bosign Hideaway - Cable Organizer

Your headphones are not the only wires that need hiding. This cable organizer from Bosign showcases excellent Scandinavian design in both function and form. Hide your ugly cables with one of their "Hideaways" of different sizes and colors.

Bosign Hideaway, €31, Bosign

7. Productivity Planner

Productivity Planner

Last but not least, we recommend anyone serious about getting work done to get themselves a productivity planner. This specific one from Intelligent Change features a prioritized task list, a focused work system, and an end of the day review to ensure fantastic results.

Productivity Planner, $24.95, Intelligent Change

That just about rounds up our list of minimalist desk accessories! If you're interested in learning more about Page Anchor, you can learn how it works here.

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